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Shamas Rugby Foundation / Jan 2018 -Dec 2018


In charge of the organizations website. My other roles included but were not limited
• Maintenance of the organization website.
• Graphic Design for the organization.
• Audio and Video editing.
• Hardware and software maintenance.
• Social media management.
Key achievements in the role:
• Managed to redesign the website to a newer and industry accepted look and feel.
• Boosted the organizations social media engagements and developed a social media guidebook.

EA Trade and Investment Hub/ May 2017-Jul 2017


May 2017 to July 2017- Research Assistant at East African Trade and Investment Hub
I was involved in carrying out data collection and analysis in a study on the impact of second-hand clothing
and shoes in East- Africa. The study sought to find out the number of people employed, origin of items, informal
jobs affected and the resultant effect on the economy. The study was interested in this metrics since the sector
is largely unregulated. The study looked at the volume of second-hand clothing/shoes coming into Kenya and
the resultant effect on the economy i.e. Number of jobs created, market segmentation and supporting
industries. The results showed that the market was hugely unregulated and a there was need to create a small
database to be able to track the number of traders dealing in the second hand-clothing business. I was able to
construct a simple PhP-MySQL app that was able to capture these details.
Key Achievements on the role:
 Programmed data collection tools (Questionnaires) for the study, therefore improving quality in data
collection. As a result, no time was wasted in data entry bearing in mind associated cost and
time savings.
 Conducted interviews and Focus Group Discussions on the key stakeholders in the study.



I worked as a student researcher my University’s Agribusiness office under a project titled ‘Living Lab’. The
project was a collaboration of USIU-Africa alongside IDRC (International Development Research Center), Van
Hall Larenstein University (Holland) and Agriprofocus. The project focused on enabling youth to actively engage
in profitable agribusinesses. The project was centered on the pillars of Education & Training, Business Innovation
and Action Research. The project selected 60 capable youth between the age of 28-35 to participate in a
training program that seeks to empower them to focus on the fish and poultry rearing in Kenya.
As a researcher I was involved in training the youth in best practices to start and run a successful business.
Another key area of interest for me was record keeping among the youth. Out of the 300 youths who applied
for the program, only a mere 11.3% reported that they kept records in any previous businesses they had. I was
able to develop a simple android application that helps them write down their records in their business. I also
wrote a paper to this effect.
Key Achievements on the role:

  • Wrote a paper entitled ‘Record Keeping Methods in Agribusiness: A Case Of The Living Lab Model’ that examined the state of record keeping in agribusiness
  • Developed an Android application called ‘Living Lab Notebook’ to assist the youth in keeping their records better.
  •  Successfully counseled 3 entrepreneurs and assisted them to formulate and finalize their business plans.
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